Hello! I’m Dylan.

My mission in life is to solve global problems by building relationships and communities with others who share the aims to promote peace, end poverty and progress towards a better future for all human beings. I am the founder of Uniting Our World, an initiative focused on achieving the Global Goals of the United Nations.

I chose this mission in 2005 at the age of 19, when I first began to learn about the extreme poverty happening throughout the world and wanted to do something in order to help people have access to life’s essential needs. I produced several benefit events for humanitarian nonprofit organizations, but I still felt there was a deeper root of problems in our world that I wanted to discover.

In 2009 I traveled across the United States visiting communities and cities with the simple goal of connecting with people who lived on the streets and offering to buy a meal for any who were hungry. I quickly discovered it wasn’t food people really wanted, it was someone who would listen to their story and show them how valuable they are as a human being. This was a revelation to me. That it wasn’t resources or programs that we lack, it is connection with each other. It is coming together as members of the human family, putting aside our divisions to see one another with respect and dignity no matter what our background, circumstance or belief.

In 2010 due to the progression of a rare eye I gave up driving automobiles and began using my feet to go anywhere I needed to go. In 2012 I walked 1000 miles of the west coast, and did so again in 2015 and 2016. Through these walks as a pilgrim I have learned to trust life and trust others and received a deep sense of peace from the path.

These walking explorations have led to the creation of Peacewalking.org. Peacewalking is based on my personal goal to walk every nation in our world for peace, yet has the deeper mission to inspire people from all nations, beliefs and perspectives for come together by walking where they live for peace.

About This Blog

My intention for creating this blog is to share with complete honesty my thoughts and philosophy about life, issues happening in the world, updates from the initiatives I work to develop and maybe an occasional poem or two 🙂

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about collaborating on a project together, please email me at dylanrainesun@gmail.com.


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